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I.      Zi-Li Elementary School

II. Introduction:

1.  Location: No.1200, Yongfu Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 32071, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Zi-Li Elementary School is located in the suburbs of Jhong-Li city and near by the longitudinal railway of Taiwan and provincial highway No. 1.

school view

school view school view

2.  Campus


teaching building kindergarten secret garden
teaching building kindergarten secret garden


the full view of the school

the full view of the school

3.  Classes:

There are 33 classes in the school, including one special education class and four classes which enroll kindergarteners.

4.  Characteristics:

Wood-ball is popular in Zi-Li Elementary School. 

wood ball teaching 

The mosaics made in the class of Art and Humanities become the frescoes around the school.

mosaics mosaics

The exhibition room“ History House” used to be one of the classrooms.


The school budgets for books and audio-visual apparatus every year.

III. History:

53.9.1 Zi-Li branch school was founded, pertaining to Chung-Cheng Public School, Taoyuan County. Mr. Lu Heng was assigned as the director of the branch school. 

54.3.20 Independent of Chung-Cheng Public School , Zi-Li branch school became Zi-Li Public School.

54.7.23 Mr. Sie Jian-Jhih was assigned as the first principal of Zi-Li Public School.

57.9.1 The Nine-year compulsory education system came into operation. Zi-Li Public School was reorganized into Zi-Li Elementary School.

何泰昇校長 Mr. He Tysan (何泰昇)
incumbent principal of Zi-Li Elementary School

IV. Vision





V.      Communication

1.  Website: http://www.zles.tyc.edu.tw/

2.  Telephone:03-4559130

3.  Fax:03-4351072